Fugitive is a nimble, entrepreneurial and savvy content company that helps great ideas fly by establishing enduring creative relationships and profitable partnerships across the broadcast industry.

We work with producers, agents, broadcasters, streaming platforms and distributors to take great scripted, unscripted and format ideas from the page to the screen, finding the best possible partners at every step of the way. We also distribute finished programmes worldwide through our extensive network of international buyers.

We’ve been around a while and our friendly, partnership approach has seen us establish a sizeable global network of commissioners, financiers, agents and talent. We pride ourselves in finding the best collaborators to add value for each project and, as we have worked as commissioners, producers, development executives and distributors, we have a very clear understanding of what everybody needs and how to navigate the increasingly complex international rights’ landscape.



Strategic, Creative & Commercial Consultancy

Working in partnership with our clients, we can help develop and implement an entire strategy for bringing a show to the screen, including:
- Supplying market intelligence - Providing editorial and creative input - Packaging and pitching ideas for domestic and international markets - -- Advising on partners and deals
- Acting as pre-sales and co-production agents
- Negotiating rights
- Aligning content with best-fit distributor

Content Financing

We use our industry knowledge and contacts to source best-fit financing and then broker innovative deals – everything from securing development finance and commissions, to ensuring IP creators and owners see as much revenue as possible. We know where the financing opportunities are around the globe with:
- Commercial and public service linear broadcasts
- SVODs and digital platforms
- Enterprise investment schemes
- Venture capitalists
- Equity investors


We find the right people to work on great ideas and look to get them to the next level by:
- Utilising our in-house development expertise for scripted and unscripted projects
- Sourcing specialist development executives
- Identifying best-fit script writers
- Creating series bibles, presentations and pitch promotional materials

Executive Producer

We bring all our creative and commercial expertise to bear and collaborate with creatives, producers, investors and other interested parties to help deliver brilliant projects, on time and within budget.

Creative growth

“It has never been a better time to be a creative producer”

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